In Joe Nimble functional footwear you stay nimble in any situation

Running to the office, bringing the kids to school, jumping in a taxi, skipping lunch, pushing back deadlines, hitting the gym… modern life needs agility of body and mind.
Modern life needs you to be NIMBLE!

be nimble – motto and claim at the same time

There are many ways in how to describe being nimble.
We have united them in one product:


The nimbleToes – The nimbleToes – functional movement shoe,
developed with Lee Saxby!


nimbleToes for MennimbleToes for Women

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Being human, is being nimble!

Children can walk, run and jump for hours, covering many miles in the pursuit of fun and play.
We are designed to move and being nimble is in our DNA.


The more we move, the happier and healthier we become. Most of us know this, but „knowing“ is not „doing“, and „thinking“ is not „being“.

Pull the slider sideways and discover the difference between an aging human being and a human being nimble.

Find out how unlimited toefreedom will promote a stableposture.

Freedom for your feet!

The human foot and tree roots share many features. Both provide stability and connection with the ground, and both are distorted by containers too small or wrongly shaped. Distorted „shoe-shaped“ feet and toes cannot function without the support of a shoe. Foot muscles become weak and tight until even walking barefoot around the house can be painful.


Form follows function, function follows form:
Being Nimble begins with toefreedom!


But it’s not all bad news! Inherent adaptability means that distorted shoe-shaped feet can be reversed. Just like tree roots, the human foot will begin to recover natural form and function if given space to grow!

Just as the roots of a tree adapt to the shape of the container they are in, the shape of the foot adapts its shape to its „container“.

Freedom for your feet:
Functional footwear from the ground up, appealing design based on biomechanical principles.


nimbleToes for MennimbleToes for Women

The benefits of “toefreedom”!

As soon as you start wearing Joe Nimble shoes, you will begin to enjoy the feeling of „toefreedom“, and it won’t be long before you begin to enjoy the benefits too! Your toes will begin to spread, your foot and toe muscles will begin to strengthen, and your body will discover that Leonardo da Vinci was right; the human foot really is a „masterpiece of engineering“; providing a flexible and stable base of support for all human movements.

Find out how unlimited toefreedom will promote a stableposture.

The sensational human foot!

Human movement begins and ends in the mind. Sensory input to the brain from the eyes, inner ear, muscles and feet, provides essential feedback about your body position, the terrain and gravity. Modern shoe technology forces the human body to move in a „sensory-impoverished“ environment, deliberately engineered to be smooth, consistent and cushioned.


This lack of stimulation is particulary detrimental to the sensory organ evolved to give feedback about the body’s interaction with the ground; the human foot.

The ‘Goldilocks’ principle


The thickness of the sole should vary depending on the activity (forces acting on the foot), the terrain and the age of the person. Activities that expose the foot to large, repetitive loads (marathon running) or unstable, irregular substrates (trail running) require a sole thick enough to protect the foot and provide adequate traction.

As the foot ages it’s flexibility, strength and adaptability is reduced. Therefore, the biomechanical stimuli associated with thin soled, flexible shoes and considered beneficial to a young foot maybe destructive to an older foot (>40 years).

* It is important to remember that if the human brain receives too much sensory input it will be perceived as potentially harmful and be felt as pain in the organ being stimulated. Too much light is felt as pain in the eyes, too much noise is felt as pain in the ears and too much “ground feel” is felt as pain in the feet.

Be nimble! Being Nimble is a state of mind. Changing your state of mind begins with changing your footwear!

German Engineering for your feet

Leonardo da Vinci was not only a significant artist, but also a visionary, engineer and anatomist. We follow his quoted premise and strive for uncompromising toefreedom with guaranteed quality. When we conceptualize Joe Nimble functional footwear, we refer to the latest medical and biomechanical findings to combine health, toefreedom and design in perfect unison.


Find out for yourself with the unique functional movement shoe nimbleToes with a highly adaptive lacing system


nimbleToes for MennimbleToes for Women


Joe Nimble Logo

Free your toes and the rest will follow. This was the simple idea born from Christian Bär 35 years ago. He created a new breed of functional footwear that balanced the natural shape of your foot with high-quality German craftsmanship. Since we are used to wearing unnatural, tight shoes with stiff soles and raised heels for most of our lives, we are challenged to re-disccover how to be nimble again.

Running Coach Lee Saxby

Lee Saxby is one of the most recognised coaches for running technique on a global level. Over the last 15 years Lee has been a key figure in the natural movement / barefoot revolution and has been consulted by various shoe companies, university research projects, and injured athletes for his ability to diagnose and correct biomechanical problems. Best-selling author Christopher McDOugall (“Born to run”) as well as the barefoot professor Daniel E. Liebermann (Harvard University) were able to regain their natural athletic abilities through Lee´s coaching methods. Lee works closely together with Joe Nimble developing innovative, holistic movement concepts.

Functional Footwear

Joe Nimble shoes are functional shoes. In the natural world the first principle of design is that form equals function ie that the shape of something identifies it’s purpose. Human beings naturally come in different sizes and proportions but can be instantly recognised as ‘human’ by the shape of their bodies. The same applies to the human foot; feet naturally come in different sizes and proportions but are instantly recognisable by their shape.

At Joe Nimble we believe that the human foot has evolved to be asymmetrical and ‘foot-shaped’ for important functional reasons and therefore the first principle of shoe design should be that shoes are asymmetrical and ‘foot-shaped’. Unfortunately, since the industrial revolution and the mass production of shoes the ‘symmetrical last’ has become the standard within the shoe industry (asymmetrical lasts and shoes are more difficult to mass produce) and the symmetrical shoe is now established as ‘normal’ in modern society.

Warning! Wide does not always equal functional

A shoe that is ‘wide’ and ‘flat’ but symmetrical in shape cannot be considered functional as the extra width is provided at the ‘ball’ of the foot rather than the toe box. This design flaw forces people with natural shaped feet and good toe alignment to buy shoes that are a compromised fit (too much room at the front of the foot).

Discover the full range of functional footwear solutions by Joe Nimble in our Online Store.

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